Immersia Talks: Featuring Jason Pinsky of Bong Appetit

The cannabis movement is about so much more than being high - it’s about wellness and preventative care for the body. Pinsky, producer of VICELAND's Bong Appetit, leans on his years of experience in the cannabis industry to become one of the most influential advocates of our time.

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Margie Churchill

Bert McCracken's Journey Back From the Grave

The path from becoming a young rockstar to a true believer in the benefits of cannabis was a dark one, but McCracken credits his unconventional treatment to his recovery. From rock-bottom lows to fulfilling highs, his journey through recovery was nothing short of amazing.

Wellness + Culture

Margie Churchill

Cannabis Market Growth Trajectory Over the Next Five Years

How much more can the cannabis industry really grow? With recent legislation and large corporate investments, it should come as no surprise that the cannabis industry's growth is predicted to skyrocket over the next decade.


Margie Churchill

Mr. Sherbinski: Cannabis Tastemaker

While serving people from all walks of life, one of the most important things Sherbinski's learned in their years in the cannabis industry is what compassion really means. Especially over the past year which was filled with chaos and uncertainty, Guzman and his time took being an "essential business" to new levels.

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